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Connect to Gmail or outlook and enhance your email writing experience with our Chrome extension. Our AI-powered tool helps you write emails faster, while also providing rephrasing, spell checking, and fixing capabilities.

Why using Email Whisperer?

Improve Your
Email Clarity and Style

Our chrome extension offers rephrasing suggestions to help you improve the clarity and style of your emails.

Ensure Error-Free
Emails Every Time

Our chrome extension automatically checks your email for spelling errors, ensuring that your messages are error-free.

Mistakes with Ease

Our chrome extension helps you easily fix any mistakes in your emails, ensuring that your messages are professional and error-free.

Automate your

email writing today


Set a
default tone

If you have a preferred tone that you use frequently, you can set it as your default.

Email Whisperer will remember it next time so you don’t have to manually select it.

AI email writer


Choose from a
variety of tones

Customize your emails to suit your needs. Whether you need a formal tone for business correspondence or a friendly tone for personal emails.


Train your own
Al Email Assistant

Easily train Addy on your website or PDF files to understand your business and write personalized emails.

Email Whisperer can also be trained to mimic your writing style to generate emails that sound like you.


We also provide
customize facility

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Our pricing plan

First 252 out of 1000 early bird price


No personalization

$ 0

Three free Al-generated emails per day, powered by GPT 3.5, with limited features.


Best for personal, professional, academic email writing

$ 9
99 Monthly

Unlimited daily emails, much smarter responses, and personalized emails in all major languages!


Best for professional teams in the same company.

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We will train a custom Al that understands your business type, culture, and brand voice!

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